To Inspire, Ground, Connect

This is the post excerpt.

The purpose of Peaceful Waves Blog at this time is to inspire those who read it.  In-spire, inspiration comes from the mundane act of the in breath.  If we bring more consciousness to those mundane acts that are most frequently on auto pilot I believe we will, together, be weaving a more conscious, relaxed, grounded community.  One that takes time to honor the sacred that is in us and around us 24-7…if we have eyes to see.

It is also a creative expression of my love for the earth, the ocean and all living things.  I hope to connect with those of like mind and heart and cultivate a practice of waking up to that which is right in front of us, right here and now.

The ground beneath our feet is there, but how often do our toes actually feel it?  The bite of food on our fork is there, but how often does our mouth actually taste it?  The birds in the trees are calling, singing their songs, but how often do we really hear them?

This blog is a practice of gentle awakening…and exploration through photos and writing of every day life.  May the waves wash over you and bring solace, peace and grounding.


Don’t Give Up

theo and tollie 007.JPG

Don’t Give Up

On your Dreams

Don’t get resigned

to the Status Quo

or the

Old familiar roles

of doing only

that which you know

It’s a New Day

Try a new Way

Keep Listening



Red hot listening

for the possibility

of a life of


lived from love

Now is the Time

There comes a time…and Now is It.  There is no Other Time…to take out the trash, put bright pink lipstick on, pet the dog, hug your mom, start a blog.  The waves keep rolling in one after the other, gently and sometimes not so gently, reminding us…’wake up…wake up…wake up…come on sleepy head, wake up.”

I wanted to start a blog today, and yesterday and the month before and the month before that.  But it felt like, maybe I would know more how to do that, tomorrow or the next day or the month after this.  I wanted to call that blog Chop Wood, Carry Water…because This is the time for those chores of simple doing, without resisting.

Or I wanted to start a Blog called ‘life on the dune’ featuring all the creatures that have become my friends…in their sandy habitat.  Jack Rabbit, and Quail, and Hawk, and Lizard, and Crow and…and…and.  The magic they teach me of inter-being, and interweaving with harmony, balance and ease would make good pros.

I wanted to start a blog today, and yesterday and the week before that but I waited until this morning…until Now, and the title…it does not matter so much, what matters is to begin for boldness has magic in it where there are no errors, only playful experiments.

Be bold enough to use your voice, brave enough to listen to your heart, and strong enough to live the life you’ve always imagined.  let the blogging begin;)